Roblox game data loss?

so i’ve heard from a friend that roblox is having an issue, apparently with all its games.
he told me that people are losing all of their game data randomly etc. and that’s why he’s not gonna play wom until it’s fixed.

never heard this before though, so was wondering if you guys have. is this legit or is it just a rumor. apparently my friend told me his friend lost all of his data on a game that he had played for 2 years. the data problem seems to be affecting roblox games in general, not any specific games-according to my friend.

asking cause worried about my wom stuff obviously

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According to, everything is working fine with Roblox. It is just stuff that happened a few weeks ago.

alright thanks, that’s relieving

Yeah that was early this week. As far as I know, people only lost data in some servers and had everything back in the others, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some people permanently lost data…