Roblox Game Suggestions

Can’t join rogue lineage cuz I can get falsely banned (ban wave happening in RL rn) and WoM kinda got boring since I already have 6 files (3 on main acc, 2 on 1st alt and 1 on second alt) at level 80.
Any roblox games suggestions? Bored as hell rn.

Building a jail for childrens in Meepcity
I won’t go too far into the details

Kinda wish I could do that lmao, haven’t ever played meepcity but ik that there’s a house system, so if I could lure them into my house and lock the door…

fantastic frontier
world of magic
zeppelin wars

If you like sports:
Football Fusion (super fucking toxic, a lot better with friends)
Super Striker League

Don’t know any good games related to WoM so here’s just a few I liked from my time on Roblox.
Super Nostalgia Zone
Honestly trying to master pvp in old Roblox games like SFOTH, Doomspires, or Chaos Canyon are just tons of fun. Highly recommend this game if ya wanna try a unique form of pvp.
Super Bomb Survival
One of my first games on Roblox and honestly great. Basically you have to avoid a variety of falling bombs and survive a set amount of time with varying difficulty levels depending on the lose/win ratio of the server. Chaotic and can be quite difficult at later disaster levels, especially with hardcore mode. Also let’s you slap children, so a great game overall.
Galleons by Wingman8
Never realized how similar this is to Zeppelin Wars until now, basically a simpler version of that game with some different mechanics. An old 2 team pirate fighting game where you battle to sink the other teams ship. Although it’s a bit old and can have some weird bugs, it’s a lotta fun with unique destruction physics and varied forms of combat including sword fights, guns like flintlocks and blunderbusses, or just shooting some fool with a cannonball. Great fun if you can get in a good game with people.

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Word Bomb is also good.

So is Elemental Battlegrounds if you’re level 75 up

Y’know what’s cool? Instead of Sound Magic, why don’t we just suggest vetex to add lutes in game so we can play songs like bards?

Gotta add back the banjo from AA

Do you like fighting games?

If you REALLY like grinding/grindy games fantastic frontier though you should probably read the wiki for it
If you like random dumb shit fun/somewhat strategic games zeppelin wars…
If you want to see how many words you know/big brain mode word bomb (im really bad at it)
I would suggest Kin of Ra but its only testers and their apps just closed for testers
theres arsenal i mean sure theres a lot of kids on it but its just kinda mindless fun i guess
If you want to try your mental/your patience then try yourself JToH ( Jupiter’s Towers of Hell) but tbh its just obby and kinda frustrating

Bruh thanks for the suggestion for zeppelin wars btw, played it for like 4 hours it’s really fun, though people won’t stop blaming their team mates for L’s

basiclly warioware.
every round, you need to do 17 fast/slow (fast most of the time) minigames, plus an extra 18th minigame which is a boss one (30 - 1m long,)
completing the most minigames out of anyone (getting the most points) makes you win the game.
you also get store points from doing minigames, which you can use to buy taunts, weapons, particles and victory themes.
theres also special rounds, which you can either: buy from the shop to activate, or just wait some rounds for it to happen
theres also double special rounds, which combines 2 diferent special rounds togheter.
and i think thats all.
its really fun, ngl. would recommend it.
game link:!/about

play adopt me and put the kind of music you hear in intense chase scenes in the background
play a really intense horror game and put adopt me music in the background

I would recommend zeppelin wars, it’s a really fun game sometimes but it can turn not fun if a noob gets in the captains seat.

Oh hey someone who also plays zeppelin wars, what level are u in the game?

like 26 or something

wtf im only like 17 how

I have level 34.

so… whats the last bomb i just want to know