Roblox has dropped the age recommendations update today, so what do you guys think the age recommendation for AO will be?

As I said in the title, Roblox just announced the age recommendations update today. How it works is the developer of the game can choose if the game is All Ages, 9+, or 13+. Here is the section of the ToS that explains it:

So, based on this description and what we know about AO right now, what do y’all think it will be set too and why?

  • All Ages
  • 9+
  • 13+

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I think it will be 13+.

definitely 13+
certainly will have some mature themes



does that confirm domestic violence is canon


vi o le nc e

Wait, how does Bloxburg have mild/infrequent violence?

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13+ because mild blood and the stuff about killing vs sparing people

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The questionnaire that developers fill out for the age recommendation to be decided doesn’t ask about themes, just about blood, violence, and paid random items. Though I think it should also ask about how scary the game is and the themes in the game.

why the hell is blood even a problem i’ve literally never understood this

like even horror games (TO AN EXTENT) i don’t see what’s wrong with kids playing them

Most little kids are scared of blood and gore.

it’s mostly to limit the violence behind blood, cause you don’t bleed for any good reason and nobody wants their kids to associate blood with fun and what not.

it’s also the fact some ppl are very squeamish as well

couldn’t be me

ok yeah that’s fair

i’m squeamish too, in a way that i can’t explain but blood on it’s own doesn’t bother me hardly as much as some other things

I mean it’s 13+ because have you seen the insanity leak? in one you throw up mildly realistic blood puddles

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(i think most people just want it 13 to gatekeep it from children though)


still would have to be 13+ since again the throwing up blood with insanity thing

yeah even as a kid i was never sensitive to blood in games, i already knew what it was so i felt there was no reason to shelter kids from seeing it, i always thought itd make more sense to rate games based on violence and not blood

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Some people are more squeamish than others and parents don’t want their kids liking or discussing violent concepts

(Personally I couldn’t stand depictions of blood in any form until I was like 11)


I really hope we’re allowed to show alcohol and tobacco and possibly event other drugs.

A not-useless Roblox update?

Desensitization bad, actually.

Alcohol in a game like AO could be fine in certain contexts, like if an island had a restaurant and some of the NPC customers had wine it would be fine.