Roblox just shut down

It just did for me at least.

Get off roblox

Why’s that?


it’s normal at this point.
stop making posts unless it gets to days like halloween

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Man, you don’t need to vlog every little hiccup that roblox has. Unless like what rayhan said it lasts for days

It did for me as well

roblox committed death

Roblox is on the fucking shitter right now:


At this point, it’s just expected that Roblox will shut down during the weekend. Feel bad for the kids whose only opportunity to play a bunch is on the weekends alone.

roblox is the most dysfunctional website i’ve had the misfortune of looking at
it isn’t surprising

Me :frcryin:

although im a 13 year old with an oppresive school who gives homework even if the same class is done the day after we got the homework
and im like
from 12 pm to 6 pm

arcane odyssey isnt released yet regardless so i don’t care [continues playing ultrakill]

The funniest part is that this probably isn’t too far off
The Roblox Servers are SO BAD that I bet they don’t even hire technicians
They just have employees sacrifice Gerbils as offerings to the tech gods and hope it runs properly

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