Roblox may be setting AO to 17+ age rating

Thoughts on this? Personally I don’t see too many benefits that AO would reap if it became 17+ as opposed to its current age rating.

it doesn’t seem serious enough to warrant 17+, i think 13+ would be fine since there’s some kind of blood and actual death shown

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agree with sock, plus i think the game is a bit too complicated anyway to attract a significant amount of players under the age of 12.

he could probably create a blood toggle in the settings menu to fix this issue also.

the “death” is also just a sound effect with the screen going black

i’m talking about like elius and calvus, you don’t see their deaths on screen but they make it clear that it happened

probably because of Beringer. A 17+ rating would kill the game since you need verified ID to play

but i want gore :frowning:

oh okay fck that nvm then

AO should be 13+, as there is death, blood violence, and serious subjects, but 17+ would kill the game.

roblox moment

You need a verified ID to play games with the 17+ rating??? Imagine having to literally sell your information to a shady company just to play a lego game.


They mistaking AO with AO with the old gore… but 17+? No way is AO that bad. They literally teach us more violent things in school…

AO used to be 13+ until some time ago. Hoping it doesn’t get bumped to 17+, primarily since I heard that if a game gets a 17+ rating, it can’t go back.

Roblox, the company with literal pictures of dead people and condo games on their platform but still targets a game with little gore, forcing its playerbase to sell their personal information?

Realistic? What? Shiny red circles are realistic?

Roblox being a dumbass for the 193th time with their AI moderation :sob:

Nah its just David

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Oh yeah, sure Roblox, let Combat Warriors (dumbest game name I’ve ever seen btw) be 13+ and having straight up gore with bones protruding outta amputated limbs, but Arcane Odyssey is really violent with its… puddles of ketchup.


More like puddles of BBQ sauce given how dark the puddles are.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I swear that Mortem Metallum has a lot more gore.

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I’m honestly willing to bet this is more of a case of “oh, hey, you aren’t making us much money and we need to pretend we’re doing our job” than anything else. If Roblox actually cared about violence, crappy games like Combat and Molten would be gone. (As would maybe Decaying Winter, so maybe it’s a good thing)

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