Roblox Verification/ Mandatory Roblox Account in Profile

If it was possible to make the “roblox account” portion of profile summary mandatory to fill out upon account creation, I imagine it would be harder for forum alt accounts to be created, or at least make it easier to identify which accounts are alts and which are legitimate.


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it would also make it easier to join players without having to ask for their username.

I could have the forums be roblox login only, however, this would be a big change and i don’t think many people would enjoy it. Plus people would still make roblox alts.


I agree, I have an alt account on roblox.

Some people out here/there would downright witch-hunt any leaderboard players that exist on the forums and quite possibly WILL track them easier, so I don’t know.

But that’s really just a small issue though, so who cares.

I have a few alts dated back years ago. I don’t think everyone has this, but I’m sure there’s a number of people who have older alts that they could use. Using Roblox accounts though may still reduce the problem, I’m not entirely sure

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