Rosie's ROBLOX Design Tips

Ok so I see a lot of people with avatars that don’t really reflect them and don’t give off a sense of individuality. Your avatar should be you and not like everyone else’s. So I comprised a list to help peeps design their avatar to what they want it to be. (This applies in both ROBLOX in general and AO chars I guess) (Also I’m not targeting anyone, if you like your avatar then keep it. This is to help people who aren’t satisfied with their current avatar)

  1. Come up with a color scheme. Make sure to choose at least 2 colors, choosing one color can create a bad look. I personally choose my favorite color and then a color to go with it, so in my case it was a light blue + white + a lil black.

  2. What do you want your avatar’s personality to be like? This is where your face, animation, ect, comes into play. What do you want your character to feel like? I chose a sleepy face and cartoon animation to give off a relaxed and laid back persona.

  3. You don’t need a lot of ROBUX. Only like 400-800 should be enough to help you design a good avatar that you can be satisfied with. Although you don’t need much, you should have at least some for shirts/pants if you’re using event/free/code items for your design.

  4. If you have no ideas, use your name or an avatar from another game/website. It helps to have some sort of reference as well.

  5. Try not to look like everyone else. Don’t use basic hat/hair combinations or wear the same stuff as the majority, this limits your ability to make your avatar you and you alone.

  6. While designing, ask friends and randoms if they think it looks good. Get both so that you know your friends aren’t being biased.

  7. [BONUS TIP] - Try not to clutter too much stuff onto your avatar, it can end up ruining the look.


what if
what if i have no robux


Then use free items. It’s possible, you just need to find the right free clothes or use the skin color change to make clothes.

Annotation 2020-11-16 124328

I am the only wom player with tix beanie ez!11 rare limeited iten from like 2015 peep the trigs beandie!

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drip :fire: :fire: :fire:

i clutter 3 different hairstyles at once

Lately, I’ve completely given up on making a character look like someone, a human preferably with their own style, etc. Basically what people would consider “An avatar of their own.”

Nowadays I’ve been purely going after avatars that are “something”
for example…
Edgy Demon Samurai(?)

Holy Knight

Red Demon

The closest I’ve ever gotten to making my avatar my own “personalized human” was when I made this, solely because I really liked the original hat combo I came up with.

these are fun ones, e-girl shirt keeps getting content deleted tho :fr:


does richard (roblox edition) with a karate headband meet this requirments

I don’t really care about how my avatar looks tbh, all the games I play don’t display my avatar.


Ofc if y’all are comfortable and satisfied with ur avatars, keep em. I just made this to help people who arent

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put a spice of everything

Oh boy I feel like most people won’t pass this part

Sometimes it’s best to go simple.

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i just put gold on my avatar…

frpog lmao

hi jin-