Rowboat speed scales with strength

Rowboat speed scales with strength
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Hear me out, what if rowboat’s speed scaled with strength? The more strength you have, the faster your rowboat is.

This suggestion is pretty simple, and I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. I think it would be absolutely hilarious though, seeing a berserker rowing a tiny boat faster than a 110 speed ketch.


honestly id rather rowboat speed scale inversely off level so you can speed past people in early game and skip some of that tedium

makes sense

Makes beserker more viable can’t wait to use it in Dark seas

(3 seconds later) sinks

should make it so that the stability scales with strength too so you can row through rough waters and be perfectly fine

why? cuz it’s awesome

imagine someone so strong that their boat doesnt even touch the water, they just use the oars like legs to run with

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