[RP][DEAD FOR NOW ;_;]The Last War

You, alongside a group of legendary level wizards, have been recruited to fight the last war. The ultimate battle that will decide the fate of Magius. The dark wizards have risen and have come to take over and the Magic Council is struggling to hold on. They’re desperate for help and have called you, they ominously warned you that a powerful dark wizard is here and only you can stop him.

Itching to battle and wanting to save your continent you sign up, some for the money, others for the fun of it, while the rest are just there to protect their homes. Durza himself, presumed dead is back as he appears on the horizon. You and the other wizards prepare for battle as the air around you crackles with intense magical energy. The battle of the millennium is about to begin…you know you might not win this battle, but there’s no way that you’ll lose.

Character Sheet:
Magic(s): Can list primordial/lost magics you plan on getting
Traits: (Behaviours, special facts etc)
Background Story:
Status: (Example: Legendary Evil Wizard or Legendary Angelic WIzard)
Known for: (Specific feats or signature moves?)

Reasons to Accept: (Money, defense, boredom etc)
Reputation: (any)

Starting Date: Thursday, August 13th, 2020 7:49 PM (EST)

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Ya know what, lemme just add my character sheet right now:

Name: Apolo Rust
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Culture: Alelean
Magic: Explosion, Promethean Fire, Art of Infinity
Appearance: 1.85 meters tall, broad, toned but not extremely muscular. Has a large, master-like beard. Very bare bones, white shirt, Alelean Cutlass and dual daggers as well as a shield.
Traits: Powerful, Observant, Intelligent, Slightly Impulsive, Loyal, Willing to Sacrifice, Fearful of balloons??? Determined
Background Story: From Bell Village, Apolo Rust wakes up and discovers he has Explosion Magic. He had an insane amount of magical energy from the start allowing him to quickly master his magic and gain Primordial Magics that gave him even more power. The Magic Council keeps close tabs on him due to his power but he has gotten along well with them. A tortured childhood by bullying and all that caused him to become willing to sacrifice things for others and has garnered the respect from many wizards. Except for the Magic Council Captains.
Known For: Explosive moves, Primordial Magics, willingness to help

Reasons to Accept: Defending his home
Reputation: Legendary Hero, has done some weird things though .-.

(I’ll come back and apply in the morning but if this is still in the applying stage how has it already started?)

Erm it just means that we need more people i think

Name: Iron shield
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Culture: Castlian
Magic: Water, Wind, Light (first magic)
Appearance: Always either wears a red and green high-drawback casting/magic speed hybrid outfit or a regular red and green outfit that looks like it.
Traits: Shrewd, Not completely unscrupulous
Background story: He was born to Aaron Shield and Luna Gates and was named after his mother’s uncle, Iron Gates. He had an older sister and a younger brother, Misty Shield and Zack Shield. He discovered he could use magic when he was 8 years old which distanced him from the rest of the family. When he was only 10 years old he started hunting bandits and he later moved out of the house to become a bounty hunter when the relationship between him and his parents became strained. As a bounty hunter he sought out strong opponents to fight and worked with a partner, Pedro Water, a magic-less vistarian who considered himself the “brains” of their team until they went their separate ways because Iron Shield became older and strong enough he didn’t need Pedro anymore.
Status: Not quite legendary but still well known
Known For: Using wind magic to create breathable air underwater, water magic to propel himself, and light magic to create light and kill sharks while he searches for sunken treasure to sell to people.
Reason to Accept: He fears for his safety if the dark wizards were to take over
Reputation: Hero

(I edited my character so now I use light magic instead of lightning magic and it’s my first magic)

Okay that’s cool

(question about the prelude to this RP: what’s the peacekeeper doing rn?)

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Erm fighting the other 10000 wizards attacking Silent Tower.

(Also, for the purposes of this RP do primordial magics also use magic circles? I’m wondering because I know primordial magics precede the invention of magic circles but then I thought maybe they can be casted with magic circles and everyone forgot how to do it any other way).

Hm, i mean if it summons primordial energy probably needs some type of magical spell to cast so sure

(nothing’s happened in a week so does that mean this is about to get closed or can it only be closed after applying is done?)

idk, dont wanna be offensive but the rp category is kinda dead, lemme just close this ;-;

(Maybe you should try reposting the same thing in off-topic and see if more people join. I don’t think the reason this category is dead is because people genuinely aren’t interested in RP. It could be because participation is locked behind a role that you need to apply for, that the existing stuff in this category, and to some extent the rules, set a standard for quality and effort that intimidates or discourages people who are more casual, or just the fact that nobody is active in this category.)

yeah probably.

(To be honest I just wasn’t interested in this particular rp because of how “final battle” the prompt is. I don’t really have a character ready for this stage of the game plus there’s just not much we know of endgame. Maybe I’ll join the off topic one, we’ll see how that goes.)

Hm the only problem is that it might be taken to roleplay instead-