Ruins of Charon Pt. 4

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Xavier began by heading to Redwake. It would be hopefully easier to deal with a threat (even if they were Morden’s friend) if there were two magic council captains. Though personally Xavier hated Floyd because of his temperament towards non-magic users. Xavier rented a sailboat and sailed to Redwake to find Floyd.

Arriving at Redwake he found Floyd very quickly. Mostly from the ash magic clouds surrounding the Redwake tavern. Xavier tied up his ship, and walked towards the tavern. Xavier waited outside for Floyd to come out and meet him, the ash clouds turned the tavern into a complete no zone. Whoever had pissed off Floyd must’ve been drunk or sraight stupid.

A minute later the ash cloud faded and Floyd walked out with a delighted grin on his face, which quickly turned into a frown upon seeing Xavier leaning on a wooden banister. “What are you doing here? I thought I was the only one coming to the war seas.”

Xavier sighed before speaking. It always hurt to talk to the stuck up, entitled fool. “I’m here to do your job since you failed to complete it. If you want any credit, help me find the man named Raven.”

“You actually bothered to speak with the grand navy?” Floyd scoffed, “Those guys are stupid, allowing non-magic users into their ranks and even near the top,” He took a second to laugh. “Why would the magic council majors want to trade with these idiots? We should just come and conquer and hold complete power. Remove the Grand Navy entirely.”

“Well you should follow orders from the higher-ups. If they want to establish trade routes then we will come and establish trade routes. Now come with me and you can vent your anger on someone who actually deserves it.” Xavier turned around and walked down the dock towards his sailboat without letting Floyd speak. Floyd grudgingly followed with his hands drawing magic circles in the air.

The two set sail north towards Frostmill, to hunt and find the person named “Raven”. Xavier wondered if they could handle it peacefully since they were Morden’s friend. Maybe they’d join them on a return trip back to Magius. If they caused problems in Magius there would certainly be a fight no one could dream of winning, or so Xavier believed.

Arriving at Frostmill they docked the boat. Xavier instantly had a magma ball in his hands to warm himself up. Boy was it cold! Floyd on the other hand acted like he was born in the icy north and his soul was so cold it didn’t feel the freeze. It very well might’ve been. “Let’s get this over with. I want to fight now,” Floyd growled.

“Well we should go ask any locals about this Raven character. Then once we find him, you can attack him, if he puts up a fight.” Xavier replied

“Then let’s go!” Floyd stormed off towards the town nearby. Xavier followed, hoping Floyd didn’t accidentally kill anyone.

It wasn’t more than a minute before the two walked into a tavern. It was the middle of the day and no-one was there except a barkeep wiping down tables. Running water could be heard in the back while someone was doing dishes.

“Excuse us.” Xavier said very formally as they walked in.

“Oh hello, my name is Tim Green. Do you need something? Most people don’t visit till later in the evening.” Tim asked looking up from scrubbing a table. He had a stocky build, a dagger at his waste, and a medium-sized beard. He was pale from wintery conditions and wore thick woolen leather beneath the brown apron he wore.

“It’s nice to meet you Tim my name is Xavier and my skulking companion is Floyd,” Xavier politely informed, “We are looking for a man under the name of Raven.”

Tim fell silent and looked over at the door before yelling back there in a very manly voice. “Raven, what do these two people want with you? I thought you said you weren’t a criminal.”

A black haired young-looking guy stepped into the doorway leading into the back with a plate in his hands still covered with soap. “Last I checked I was clean, I don’t know these two anywho,” Raven said matter-of-factly. Floyd didn’t notice but Xavier did, this man had taken one look and knew all his flaws and strengths. His hands moved efficiently and his stance was one of someone who had to be ready for anything.

“Well he is coming with us. The Grand Navy wants him and I want out of this desolate sea,” Floyd growled, forming magic circles in his hands.

Raven just laughed before replying, “Sure, I’ll come with you just let me finish this plate.” He then turned and walked back into the kitchen.

“He’s going to run away, the coward!” Floyd yelled before running towards the kitchen as well.

Xavier sighed and chased after Floyd. This man wasn’t gonna run from them, he knew it.In the kitchen he caught up to Floyd dumbfounded. Raven was putting a plate back where it went like he said he would. He then took off the apron he was wearing and grabbed a bundle of dark-colored clothes from nearby. He had known they were coming.

The three left Frostmill and headed towards the sailboat which Xavier had docked. Floyd hadn’t bothered to help. Once aboard and sailing, Xavier decided to ask Raven some questions. “What did you do to make the Grand Navy want you? You seem like a nice guy.”


“What?” Floyd asked from across the boat.

“The Grand Navy is called the Gravy because it’s funny. Anyways I think it was because I found a Gravy Admiral and stole all their pants.” Raven replied looking thoughtful.

“You stole their pants?” Xavier asked dumbfounded.

“Yep. Then I tossed their pants into the Dark Sea. Oh boy, was that fun to imagine the look on the idiot’s face.” Raven said looking proud of himself

Floyd looked at him then at Xavier. “If this is really the man we were told to capture he must’ve done something else.”

“I agree but there isn’t much we can do to make him tell us. That wasn’t part of the mission.”

Floyd sat down and watched Xavier steer the ship. Raven on the other hand began fiddling with something in the black jacket he had put on. They were sailing towards Palo town to get a ride home and deliver Raven to the Grand Navy. Or as Raven says, “the Gravy”.

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