Ruins of Charon Pt. 6

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Xavier began charging a spell. Raven had unsheathed his swords, and Floyd was also charging a spell while the eel came hurtling through the dark waters. It took it a few seconds to reach the ship, upon reaching it reared up to take a bite. Simultaneously the two magic council captains launched their spells. Xavier yelling “Inferno’s beacon!” Meanwhile Floyd yelled “Cinder Blossoms!” The eel received a faceful of ash, while its chest was hit by magma.

The screech it let loose, had some of the crew crumbling to the deck. Xavier fell onto his knee, some sort of presence was trying to break into his mind. He fought the presence off and stood up, seeing Floyd laughing maniacally as he hurled himself over the side of the ship with his arcanium longsword in hand. Meanwhile, Raven was dragging his swords through the Eel’s black hide. As he ran up its body. The eel screeched again before launching itself back into the dark waters.

Xavier bent over the side of the boat looking for the eel and his companions. In his bones he felt it, then he heard the cracking, He jumped overboard as the ship exploded behind him. There was screaming as people went flying into the water. Steve was holding on to the steering wheel as the boat was pierced through by the eel. Xavier turned around and saw crew members sinking. Kicking off his boots Xavier swam towards the body of the gargantuan eel. He saw Raven detach his blades and swim towards a chunk of the ship. Floyd was continually stabbing the eel in the side.

Xavier surfaced and looked at the carnage. The eel was trying to bite Floyd but couldn’t reach. What truly interested Xavier was the spines at certain intervals on its body, also he noticed a glint of gold near its head. Xavier made magic circles under his feet and launched himself three times before summoning a flight spell to carry him to the eel’s head. Landing on its head he grabbed the spine embedded on its head before it could shake him off. It felt like stone, not bone. He held on and saw engraving on the spine. This was an obelisk, not a spine. Xavier turned to find the golden pommel of a sword embedded in the eel’s hide. He slid down the smooth skin of the eel and grabbed the pommel. Upon which the eel shrieked louder than before and Xaier felt blood on the side of his head.

“Inferno Blossom!” Xavier yelled, summoning forth an explosion of magma on the side of its head, tearing through the flesh and realising the sword. As Xavier began falling back to the sea he turned the blade towards himself entranced by the golden blade, it was like it was on fire. Xavier looked over to see the eel’s eye meet his.
Its jaws came around him ready to snap shut when he felt pressure on its side. “Live Xavier,” Raven said, handing him his sword while pushing him away from the jaws. Xavier felt a drop of water on his head as he watched the jaws of the giant eel snap around Raven. It had started raining in the dark sea.

He took one look at Floyd who was now on a rowboat before he took his magic and launched himself at the eel’s head. The two blades cut through skin and flesh like butter, both like the sun in a place devoid of light. “Magma’s fury!” Xavier shouted, boosting himself and the blades through the eel’s neck. The eel’s head was dangling from the body by only the spine as it fell into the water never to rise again.

“Where is Raven? He fought well and managed to acquire this rowboat from the ship’s wreckage,” Floyd asked when Xavier landed on the rowboat with his two swords in hand.

“He died,” Xavier said blandly. He then put down the blades and began searching the water for survivors. Floyd helped save any survivors.

An hour later Xavier, Floyd, and four other survivors began rowing back to magius. The water was filled with black blood and a storm had started raging around them. The crew had been 18 strong. The Dark sea was not forgiving. A megalodon had attempted to eat the rowboat during their return trip. Xavier hadn’t left it in one piece. It was night when they left the dark sea, Magius was still an hour away but everyone felt a certain pressure lift off their shoulders when they rowed out of the dark sea.

Xavier was watching the horizon when Magius finally appeared and Ironport with it. “Everyone, we have arrived,” Xavier said.

“Finally! I hated the war seas,” Floyd responded.

Xavier sighed through his teeth. He hated Floyd even more after he had said that Raven dying was just gonna happen eventually because he wasn’t a magic user. Xavier picked up his swords and strapped them to his back before they arrived in Ironport. Xavier got off the rowboat and helped the four sailors also get off. They would tell everyone what happened, he had other business to attend to.

Floyd watched Xavier leave and chuckled to himself. No one that sappy would beat him to the higher levels in the Magic Council.

Xavier entered the Inn which was still open for the night. Some people looked at him and quickly looked away. His magic council outfit was covered in black eel blood, which would likely never wash away. He was like a demon walking out of hell with the fury and anger on his face. “Escuse me, I would like to have a piece of paper and charcoal,” Xavier asked the innkeeper.

The innkeeper looked him over, “What happened to you?”

“You will find out from the others, I would like to write a message to my family now,” Xavier slapped down some crowns…

“Yes sir, right away,” The innkeeper quickly grabbed paper and charcoal for Xavier.

Xavier wrote to Abby saying he’d be home soon, he just had to make a stop at Charon. When he finished he slid the note back, got up, and left. There was something he had to take care of.

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