(rule 22) zodiac signs, what's your favorite SBS theme?

exactly as the title says, fuck zodiac signs, what super bomb survival theme is your favorite

personally I love Snowstorm (Intense)
it’s just really cool nIce great imo
also here have a funny sbs image for your troubles

megaman 2 medley remix

super bomb survival

oh I thought that meant “super smash bros” for some reason :skull:

idk probably the invincible theme, I haven’t touched the game in a while.

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stinger 2 is an absolute bop, i also really like stinger 1 as well

pretty good pick imo, it perfectly catches the feel of super bomb survival for me

also I find that one stinger that everyone loves to be kinda eh tbh

first off,

nah man mmx intro stage supremacy

i don’t tend to pay attention to the music but holy crap this is good

this reminds me of something i’d hear when playing Nuclear Throne but a bit less grungy (also pls play nuclear throne is good game but a very hard)

I come with an announcement people

this two songs are in serious competition with each other for my favorite
snowstorm intense just starts with a really snowy bell then just goes fucking insane, like a downright boss theme

but then there’s this brand new BANGER, feeling like a battle that goes from funny jester man throwing around shit to jesus fuck who let dokuro cook

this one is nice i guess

unrelated clip i took an hour ago

this is as funny as a guy that managed to use boo on someone which flung them into a grimbell

also intensity 7 is overrated imo

it’s so sad that I was late to the party

I could have ended my multiple months long journey of taking a picture of an ultimate annihilator with bomb vision if I had just joined

this goes so hard, feel free to listen (56) Last 30 (Danger!) - Super Bomb Survival OST - YouTube

some of the ost i would have put here was already taken so might as well put this one

i remember this one time where there was a glitch which basically let you have infinite gems, so somebody decided to abuse that power by spamming way too many gem purchase events (spawn event icon, supercharge soda, etc. however no gem rains p sure) and if i would dig through my screenshots i would definitely put it here.