Rule adjustment (basically don't falsely ping vetex)

previous offenses will not be punished if they haven’t already been dealt with

not going to put this is #announcements:forum-announcements because it isn’t worth the buzz


Does something like “at vetex” count as a false ping?

like why tho? false pinging him doesn’t even affect him at all. isn’t that the entire point of the rule? to stop people bothering vetex?

eh, not like not falsely pinging him would kill me, so it’s cool ig.

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Does that include replying to Vetex / quoting his messages? I think those would ping him.

no, those are fine (as far as i know)

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I’d assume he’s got link pings turned off, because otherwise he’d get pinged every time someone linked the TGR post.
He has a suspicious habit of appearing in threads where he’s quoted, so he might have quote pings turned on.

That said, vetex has never got upset at someone frivolously quoting/replying or linking to his posts, so even if he has those pings on I don’t think he cares.
Just don’t spam it for the sole purpose of pinging him I guess.


gg ez