Sail Design Creator!

Sail Design Creator!
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Sail Design Creator

It would be a tool you could buy from a shipwright, or found as a schematic and built by a builder for you to use.
It would take the characteristics from sails you already own (colors, types of design [e.g gradient, stripped, pirate, seafarer, X, etc]) together with “starter” sail designs, who would be just basic shapes until the player gets sail types. You would be able to combine up to 3 designs for the sail, and choose up to 3 colors to paint them.
Maybe, if it’s a good suggestion, getting all the sail designs and colors would reward you with a badge. (Name ideas: Artist of the Sea, Pirate Painter, Bronze Sea Artist, Boat Artist)


yes i want gradient serpent scale sails asap

Considering that the game gives you so many random “”“exotic”“” sail patterns that all look mediocre I don’t see why this shouldn’t be a thing.

I don’t think the title is necessary.


I love this idea.

Oh thank god I read the title and thought it was going to ask for custom sail designs (as in you make them yourself and weren’t limited by preset design options).

I was thinking we should also have the option to put a clan logo on the sail too

not a good addition, since there’s many bypassed clan logos.

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