Sail Endurance

i kinda want this anyone else


Would be nice to have for making a last ditch effort to escape in ship combat.

Could be interesting, but it takes about 15k damage to reduce my speed by around 10 so I don’t think it would benefit me much

I mean its interesting
my mains ship would benefit from it as it takes like one cannon volley to get its speed reduced
my other mains ship is slow as hell already and by the time this would affect my ship the battle would be over probably

What is the source for this? Was this mentioned anywhere in Vetex’s Trello or Discord?

Apologies for this question, it’s just that I have the suspicion that this may well be a fake/fan-made stat posted onto the wiki as misinformation. Where was the icon taken from also?

Yeah it’s weird that it’s on the wiki but I don’t think it matters since it isn’t even in the game. Probably a planned or scrapped feature the wiki forgot to update.

this one
was added at some point early in ao development when he was working on boats then was removed as he deemed it wasn’t necessary