Sailing through the skies!

New Arcane Odyssey art I made, this one is about Cirrus island and the skyships


Shocked Meme GIFs | Tenor

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and then a white eyes appears!
nooooooooice art

you rendered the models in the best way imaginable, amazing job!

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wait until they all run out of magic storage

We’re soarin the clouds with this one :fire: :fire: :fire:

dang this is beautiful

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holy crap, this is amazing

we need different types of skyships
also weapons for those skyships, and a skyshipwright

Suddenly… The Flying White Eyes appears and noms the fuck out of them

Very sexy

it’s… beautiful…

no please go back to normal i’m sorry :sob:

We need more sky content fr, hope more comes in the nimbus sea fr

this was one of the best arcane odyssey drawings i’ve ever seen,

this is the best art i’ve seen so far

fly as hell, I want those types of skyship in-game