Sailor |1| "Anchor's Up!"

It’s all fading… Why is everything fading away?
The water is so cold…
Where am I?
Who am I?
Why am I here?
How did I get here?


“What the fuck are you doing, Morgan?” A man hollered.

Who is this man, though?

I looked to my right, seeing my good friend Calian. I attempted to speak up, but he interrupted me.

“You damn near set the cannon alight! You would’ve shot the dock!”

“I was daydreaming or something, I don’t really know.” I replied.

“Well you have to watch what you’re doing, Morgan.”



A horn blew, the thunderous sound ringing through the boat.
“Anchor’s up!”

I walked over to the anchor, cranking it until it came back up.

“Setting sail for Redwake!”

Why Redwake? I feel like Redwake is a little too popular for a shithole in the Bronze Sea…

I sighed deeply, for some reason.

Here we go, to this little shithole in the Bronze Sea…


that is exactly why i wrote it