Sailor Fist Warlock, ice or lightning?

I’m wondering, considering the soaked effect, should I use ice or lightning imbue?

I’d choose Ice. As a water mage, I chose lightning as it is faster and I can use its effects more than ice. But as a warlock, you should anyways get close to the target so ice is better imo

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lightning would feel faster since it has a higher magic speed, it’s also overall better when used as a magic on its own
but overall I think ice would be better, since frozen doesn’t throw the target around like paralyze and ice has higher magic damage
biggest drawback imo is that ice looks kinda ridiculous cosmetically

disagree on the cosmetic part. havent seen it on a warlock but the conjurer imbuement is top tier depending on what variation

there is literally NO DIFFERENCE. I’d choose lightning, because it’s faster. Other than that, go with what you like.

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I’d recommend lightning cuz after a paralysis they can’t dash for a small bit which can help you follow up with other attacks

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