Sailor Fist


Yeah let him do that, be professional

He was running low on sodium

Almost Every Anime Fight:

Fun fact, drinking salt water isn’t good for you

But it’s good for them

Y’know how the fighting style’s description says that the user makes unpredictable wild moves? Well that’s probably because the user is both extremely dehydrated and suffering from kidney failure.

Lol. I actually considered getting Sailor Fist for the memes and so I have a way to soak people as a Warlock without relying on Sunken Sword, a weapon. But I don’t want my character to be that one guy who just wins fights by slurping saltwater.

weak mindset, just become badlands chugs and drink the ocean

Lmao, ngl when I first heard of this fighting style my initial thought was:

“Ayo so does the man yeet sails at people or what.”

“So Bosco, you’ve come to fight me for Olive Marble?”
“Yeah, let’s do it Paul!”
“Alright let me just get a slurp of some seawater…”
“Nope. I’m out.”
“Listen Paul, every fight we’ve ever had, it turns as soon as you drink that stuff. I mean, last time we fought you punched me so hard, I turned into a stuffed fish fillet. And after months of therapy and losing my faith in the Creator, I realized…If you drink that seawater, I am not gonna fight you.”
“Oh my god, Paul stop drinking that s***. I mean I can’t tell a word you’re saying anymore.”

best piece of text that this game has begotten and will ever beget

entire month necromancy just for that, i’ll fuck up any spineless moron who has barely enough stones to disagree

why didnt i see this 30 days ago lmao-
good sht bro

Same why didn’t I see this :frcryin:

you mastered sailor fist

Based off of this:

it’s like a dbz fight you gotta let him charge up

shit meme i know but eh