Sailor Of The Steamy Fist

After dying for like half a year (maybe more) I bring you what I spite: Art about humans and hands. I don’t like anatomy

Anyways the story behind this art piece right here was that one day I questioned myself "How would Thermo fist with water magic even work together? So I got the wonderful idea of making a guy that punches burning mist, ain’t that the coolest thing ever? By the way expect me to die for like another 1000 years after posting this lol


Is that hit artist and animator DAH BAGUETTE!?:baguette_bread:
This looks dope. :heart_on_fire:


Do water magic with knocking fist or sailors fist with lighting magic :nod:

Sailors fist with lighting magic could actually be a good synergy because sailors fist gives the soaked status effect at high levels.

Really cool art. I like the way you thought of a cool way a fighting style and magic that seem like they would be terrible together could actually work.