Sailor Style Berserker

Making one out of boredom, came up with this armor set.
Thoughts? Should i change anything?

deranged sociopath

in all seriousness, having so much defense opens you up to potentially getting burned by someone with armor piercing, and having no agility means you’ll have a hard time with pvp (escaping ganks or doing ganking)

also good luck getting the drowned sailor style equipment

more intensity!!! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:


also just saying if you’ve paid any attention to the meta rn no one uses AP and everyone is running a minimum of 1k defense
every one i saw fighting in the recent AO SL open season stream had a minimum of 1.8k hp, regardless of build.

who needs health when you can just not get hit

you know what helps with not getting hit? intensity!!! agility
get 230 agility and you will be having a good time


high agility is good untill you run into AOE warriors who hit you from 5 miles away or people with god tier aim
spoiler alert:
theres alot of both of those.

eh, simply outsize them
you’re a sailor style berserker, it shouldn’t be difficult
also use the epic mage technique of spamming space+s+shift

…now I need to run a new build on my juggernaut since it has no defense

yea Meepy18 has like nearly 3k hp on juggernaut without focus

tbh this sucks

im open for suggestions chrono

Gear Builder this is my build and now i feel like it sucks

yea regen is entirely useless, the balance team gutted it

i suggest replacing that oracle bracelet with an armored defense amulet
other than that, its not bad

what if i went with a cernyx amulet instead of a defense amulet

btw Drowned is one of the least effecient modifiers, frozen is the best

needs a little more power, its gonna take forever to kill someone even with high attack size if they have more than 1k hp

i’ve been shredded by a guy doing an average of 130 damage a hit while i had 2.3k hp.