Sailor Style meter doesn't fill visually on the hotbar icon sometimes

What were you doing before bug occurred: Jumping into the water

Steps to reproduce: Just jump into the water, it happens seemingly at random

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game):

Probably not relevant, and I went a bit between getting this and logging this bug

As you can see, my seawater energy is full but my hotbar indicator doesn’t show it

I face this issue sometimes. What I do is rearrange the Sailor Style item on the Hotbar and it fixes itself.

thanks for the fix method, but the bug shouldn’t exist to begin with

It’s not just the meter btw, your hotbar won’t update the moment you join unless you either die or rearrange them.

You might have noticed it too but if you drink your bottle or eat from the hotbar, it won’t change the amount unless you do what is said above this sentence. Though of course it’s just a visual bug so it’s not like you have inf amount.

Yeah, I’ve also noticed this. Doesn’t really make much difference to gameplay since it’s only visual, but still…

it’d be nice for this to be fixed

imagine if this was a memory leak of some kind

Doubt it, it’s probably just an issue with the script not working unless something overwrites it. Another example would be your animation not loading ( The stiff standing pose ) when you just joined unless you start moving.

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