“hahahaha i finally got the blaze, ice, tide, and energy curses!”
sailor fist users:

if u don’t know curse users die when touching sea water

If you got enough bottles to fully submerge them

I think its like one piece where it just severely weakens them and makes them unable to swim (taken from AR wiki)

but if you’re cursebeard and a supercurse user, yes, you will fucking detonate on contact with seawater

Like, so if you try to swim as a Curse User, you’ll just sink like a friggin’ rock, is that what the wiki implies?

no you just fucking explode

TIL that curse users can be used as some very good bombs.

Time to make Ravenna go boom

Yes, it makes you unable to swim

You explode from the immense amount of radiation in the ocean, not ocean water itself

As the radiation is taken into the human body and repurposed to imbue attacks with the elemental power of the ocean (sort of like a sunken sword)l it’s doubtful it’s any more effective than any other elemental fighting style even if the means of taking on magical energy from your environment is more direct.