Sandal will pick his final f(rule 22)ing magic in this post for his main file that he will stick with and not switch for the 100th time

Technology metal/acid bullshit isn’t working out for my warlock build…

this constant switching will end with this post.

Okay so magics that are immediately disqualified:

:sand_magic_var3: :lightning_magic_var2: (these are the planned magics for my second file, so, naturally they are disqualified. also using blaze here)

:wind_magic_var1: :magma_magic: :shadow_magic: (not my taste, never have been)

okay onto me picking a single magic that I will commit to.

Okay we’ll go based on @Dr.Archipelago’s list downwards and I’ll give my opinion on each real quick:

Into the rabbit hole

Okay so first off, fire…

I picked fire originally because I liked the simplicity, and I even had a fire file for a while but like, the stats were really unimpressive compared to other options so, I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with this one, same with plasma honestly, but plasma looks weird too, so that’s an even bigger nope.

next up, ice.

I mean, with the revamp, ice might look really awesome, stat wise, it’s lackluster on it’s own, but powerful coupled up with things, but tbh it’s not exactly something that I look at and go “wow that’s so awesome!!” I mean I kinda find it eh in terms of visuals and I really hate cold things so no.


It’s big, actually kinda scary when you think about floods (and that pic of the tsunami in AO :sleeper:) I’m a swimmer irl so it’s not like super weird to pick it from that sense, and it’s hella powerful… I mean it’s not the flashiest, idk… honestly I may have to come back here…

Earth is, uh, I mean like it’s big and hard hitting right? I don’t really, care for it? I mean I guess it’s neat but, it’s slow and, the colors all kinda suck and like… I mean idk it’s just hella mid imo I’m good tbh.

Wood is a magic that solely exists to be a meme and honestly I am failing to imagine it looking good so this is a hard pass.

Metal is a magic that I really wanted to use for some periods of time, even recently, but like, I mean it lacks so many synergies that are good and can make some kind of unique cool theme and the ones it does synergise with are just so random and weird I kinda got turned off by that and I probably don’t think I’ll be happy with it.

Light? Used to think it’s cool, not really anymore, stats are shit anyways, I am a warlock and there is potential but like, nah.

Acid… I have an acid file that I have a ridiculous playtime on. I mean, I personally like the magic stat and appearance wise, maybe when I get more files I’ll use it with metal or something but meh, not main file material.

Poison is way too frail for me and I am afraid it’s gonna lag my PC so no. lacks synergies as well.

Ash might be for an alt, but atm similar to poison I don’t want that shit lagging me out and I mean it’s not super good on it’s own so maybe it can be an alt or something for a mage build.

kinda fused plasma and fire together but basically same reason I don’t care for fire


it’s not too bad… deals okay damage, leaves funny hazards everywhere, I’m gonna let this one be in purgatory with water as well at the time of reading this. apparently it looks stunning too.

Crystal, very pretty, I might make an alt file, I mean it’s got this gimmicky effect that get’s really easily cleared by a lot of things and it’s kinda meh on it’s own, I don’t see this being what I use on my main so, alt file it is.

Snow, I would consider using, but I already use sand on another file, seems kinda weird, not to mention how mid of a magic it is overall :skull:

Explosion? was inclined to it, but it’s just really overused as a magic and probably gets just obnoxious after a while listening to all those fuzzy loud noises, not the magic for me.

And that’s it for now it seems.

so now that leaves me with a few options left, at the time of reading this, I am thinking to myself intensely.

after like 10 minutes, I have finally decided…


specifically this water: :water_magic_var2:

It just works. I mean the entire map is mainly water and I am a swimmer so this just makes sense.

and as for a secondary…


can’t think of anything.

Having a war between metal and ice.

so that’s it

that’s the end of the saga.

the end of an age (sorta) I just need to pick my secondary.

for my more advanced magic? well that’s easy, wave.

and with that, the nightmare is over

brotha let me introduce you to the cold magic grim reaper

water/wind + ice

get targeted soaked/freezing, then hit them with your other magic to freeze them

once they’re frozen, start ganking them with either ice magic blasts since it has 25% more damage and doesn’t break the freeze, OR since you’re going warlock, beat them up with a bunch of other fighting moves

Just sfu and wait for AO, you called water mid and lame half a week ago but now you’ll “go for it”.

Respectfully just wait for AO instead of wasting brainpower on this thing you’ll CLEARLY never actually decide on


well I did settle for sand so that’s improvement :man_shrugging:

In the extremely short amount of time I’ve existed on the forums I’ve seen you swap magics a few times, definitely more than twice
I will be waiting to see the next bout of indecision

good job on deciding


A true magic enjoyer does not care about cringe “synergies” and “lag” but instead cares about how badass it sounds and looks

Im going to quote this on you if i see you trying to switch

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okay, but I am allowed to switch around my second magic

wanna figure out what works best

I swore on my life I would forever love Mind Magic, haven’t broken the oath since I ascended as Edgegod so this is a different life

As if you could ever make a decision