Savant and Spirit imbuement

Are we going to get it for spiritual savant…? Be able to imbue our spirit energy into fs and magic.

Idk but we gonna see what the vit hybrids give us ig

prob not bec savant can’t imbue anything else rn (L)

yeah, savant will be able to imbue spirit energy into other attacks
but it’ll probably be for the second awakening unless vetex decides to move it over to the first

i think the idea is that savants get imbues as their second awakening, and get to imbue two things at once into a third

so for example you could imbue magic and fstyles into weapons at the same time

me omw to steam imbue an old katana


bro we only have 1 rn

spirit energy can be imbued into anything, magic can be imbued into spirit energy

so logically you’d get access to all that potential as a savant

Blud thinks that I am talking about next update instead of overall ability to do so at higher lvls. What a tragedy…

Btw, could you link the source of spirit energy being able to be imbued into everything? I tried searching on trello for vitality card, but realized that it doesn’t exist.

its from the most recent qna