Savant brainstorm/show-and-tell session

Title says it all

I have a savant but it’s not max level and I’m thinking of resetting, the stat points are pretty basic for the time I made it (I don’t remember them exactly but it was during the lvl 125 max era). he’s a lightning-ice and boxing savant, but that’s irrelevant, I want to make a new COOLER savant build and decided that I’m gonna look at your guys’ savants/savant ideas and formulate one from there.
So back to the title, show off your epic savant builds or give me ideas for a cool savant build I can work on. No specific format for how to show off just do it, I’ll see y’all later.

Edit: I just remembered my savants stats they were 20 vit 90 strength and mag and 50 wep

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currently, one of my mains is a plasma-magma savant with 90 magic, 100 strength, and 90 weapons. you get beam, access to all fstyles , and get t2 weapon skills + the full usage of a Ravenna sword.

But for later on down the road, I will swap to a fire-magma savant due to the sheer amount of synergies it can have.
-melting boosts the damage of thermo and fire
-burning boosts the damage of magma and thermo
-seared boosts the damage of magma and fire by 17% -poison from ptd will boost the damage of magma, fire, and thermo.
-scalded from fire-imbued sunken will boost the damage of fire and magma by 15%
-bleeding from weps will increase the damage of magma and fire by 20%, and also increase thermo as well.

(btw I’ve said this in other topics before, I hope it doesn’t come across as a redundant or spammy)

I have a max resistance savant using ice, boxing and shields
it’s not that great in terms of damage, but it’s very funny to just press g in the middle of a fight and just not take damage

I’m a magma/thermo/shadow savant

I only kinda have shadow for the arcanium since you basically don’t have a 2nd magic/FS as a savant due to how bad the scaling is

Weapons wise I use these 3 in order of priority:

-dual swords, excellent mobility tool
-rapier, arguably the best grab in the game
-claws/flintlocks/musket, this slot is really interchangeable but they all have nice perks overall

One idea is Ash-Thermo, with second magic as Water so that when savant gets second awakening i can get Steam Imbue on thermo for 25% extra damage with Ash.
Or I could get a second fighting style, like Ileg or basic (or cannon fist since people seem to like it now (for good reason I’m sure))
Also could someone give me the link to savant maker? I’m not home rn so I can’t get on it on PC

Edit: question, does magma on sailors turn it into steam?

i have alot to talk about

you might have to sell your organs for this, but…
if you get max blocking power musgravites, ironskin V and fortified II (maybe along with recovery V), you literally cant die

hold g: you regenerate faster than that you take damage (aka 0)

max resistance is a lot easier to get tho…
you just need max jewelcrafting and ice arcanium armour, the rest is pretty cheap

no no no, you can still max resistance, you just gotta swap out the azurite for bp musgravite

Can someone do this for me please and thanks

Are we allowed to show bullied we’re planning with a raised level cap?


He pretty much did it right there

Lawrence Smith
Build: Savant
Vitality: 100
Magic: 150
Strength: 120
Weapons: 130
AgileTP: True(1.6)
Dodge Reflex: 20%Ekrix
Awakening1: Magic Savant
Awakening2: Mastery

Eagle-Fire Magic
Q: Red Behemoth | Blast
E: Incinerating Catch | 10xSnare
R: Flame Control | Explosion-Shockwave
F: Pyro Blade | Beam
V: Ignition Ascent | Leap-Upwards
C: Searing Spear | Javelin
X: Fire Roar | 15xBeam
Z: Burning Cloak | Aura-Power

Eagle-Wind Magic
Q: Gale Slicer | Blast
R: Tornado Anger | 5xExplosion-Pillar
V: Æro | 2xLeap
X: Wind Bullets | 10xBlast

Q: Amazing Palm | Crash
E: Knuckle Rush | 20xRushdown
R: Scissor Kick | 2xSmash-Slam
F: Destructive Fist | Shot
X: Flying Kick | Smash-Shockwave

Eagle-Fire-Karate-Dense Sunken Sword
Q: Tiger Rush
E: Flying Slash
R: Sword Draw: Flash Strike
F: Rising Tide

Fire-Eagles Patrimony
Q: Spirit Blast
E: Spirit Wall
R: Astrapikis

(A cool thing I’ll be able to do with this is because I’m imbuing fire and eagles patrimony onto sunken sword it’ll provide scald and paralysis and since I’m imbuing karate and if karate will do what the trellis says grabs will be more effective Tiger Rush is a grab so I’ll have a more effective scalding paralysing tiger rush and to top it all off with the vitality rework attacks containing spirit energy will life steal)

but… then it’s not max resistance anymore?

not max resistance yes, but higher damage reduction