Savant or Warrior

Does 170W/40M/40S make a savant or warrior


Then why is this happening :sob:

Honestly, no clue

if I go and awaken will I still have the stat reset from the beginning of the game or does it go away

I assume so since it is no longer removed at level 80 and stat resets don’t go away if you have an awakening

@Ultimateblaze75 do you know why this is happening though

No I don’t really do much with stat build I most just play mage

3 stat savant needs a 33%/33%/33% split iirc, or something similar to that.
35%/35%/30% split might work though

I have a 130S/70M/50W savant, so idk why/how this wouldn’t work

i think it’s because you went over 60% investment for weapons, idk though
i’m too tired to do the math right now

Oh dam ok

Going over 149 as a Savant makes you a pure build so yeah

Savant was finished, I went 130W/60M/60S and use ice magic, cold wind for the reflex, sunken sword, kai saber, and something else (staff for now)
I am considering switching it to 100W/90M/60W for beam + second magic blast, and I would only lose sunken grab, kai projectile, and staff utility (would probably use like dagger or dual sword projectile). Should I?

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