'Scald' status, and Steam Magic combinations

Hey all. Was wondering about the different combinations of elements you have found that result in ‘Steam Magic’ imbuement for your fighting styles or weapons. So far, here’s what I have:

  • Explosion + Water [Sailor Fist, Sunken Sword]
  • Fire + Water [Sailor Fist, Sunken Sword]
  • Ice + Fire [Thermo Fist]
  • Water + Fire [Thermo Fist]

Can any Magma or Snow users let me know if they gain access to the Scalding status / Steam Magic imbuements? I’m curious.

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Has anybody tested plasma magic with sailor style or sunken sword? I feel like plasma should make scalded too.

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i have a plasma conjurer build, getting on that grind to try to check if sunken sword does have the steam imbue, i hope it does, it’d be dope and would go insane with my current build but so far i havent been able to try it out, i only got a sunken chestplate out of fishing as of now, if i do get it ill try to show it or confirm if it works

Yeah, plasma + sunken does in fact make steam

I gained access to steam magic with magma + sunken sword

I have magma and sunken sword, turns out it causes steam magic and scald too