Scald Tooth Dagger

Reimagined scald tooth dagger.

Gonna add a 3D print version when the glue dries.


“dagger tooth of the legendary dragon” looking ahh
came straight outta an indie 14 years old’s mmorpg

jk it looks cool
good luck printing it


It came out slightly too small to hold it comfortably, (I don’t care though).

The first time it came out looking like grass.

The glue dried

Full thing.

Size comparison with my hand.

The failed attempt that turned into grass.


cool, but by looking at your shoes and pants in the 2nd photo, you may wanna work on your drip. you obviously haven’t been mewing.

More modelers on the forum makes me happy, yall give a whole new meaning to art :blush: :heart_on_fire:

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I spend half of my time alone, secluded in a bedroom, so I don’t have to have good fits. Also growth spurts make all my pants go up to my ankles.

doesn’t mean you can’t have good style :sleepy:

I can’t get new shoes because I got those less than a month ago since they make me ‘walk how I’m supposed to’ or something. I’m locked into having those shoes for like a year now.

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