School blog 15th December: cough

Bruh now almost everyone is ill.
Me too.
All this week I was ill and seems like I won’t be in school next week too, which means until holidays start. So, I made holidays for myself longer. (insert trollface here)
But I now have to take antibiotics. And my liver will never forgive me for it.


how the zombie apocalypse begins guys:


Won’t you have to do make up work though?

Nah and nah

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ye everyone is getting the flu and others bc of the time spent indoors for the past 2 years

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Rsv too
This week was the first time I’ve ever caught the flu in my life tho

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I feel ya my man

I had to deal with a 3-day fever (And this fever caused my highest temperature being 104.1F degrees) literally a day ago. I might still have the fever but its calmed down and I’ll possibly be fine today or tomorrow.

I finna got that perfect normal temperature again!!
and I fucking hate runny noises

PLUS I had to literally stay home the entire last 4 days until Christmas break and I wanted to go to school but man wtf sickness doing :sob:

That’s unfortunate. Hope you get better!

I’m sick right now
Well actually the light fever is gone, it’s just being constantly cold and having a sore throat

also :saluting_face:


I wanted to stepfoot on the place

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