School blog 23 January 2023: boom

So the sewers in school went boom.
Remaining lessons were cancelled.


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I would interpret this as the bathroom sewage breaking, causing toilet water and whatever is in it to flood the bathroom and possibly the rooms outside of it.

Uhh… How bad was the flooding?

Oof,do you know how the sewers went boom?

stinky dub

Sometimes I just wonder how the things that happen at your school happen. How does a sewer go boom?!

I don’t think you wanna know about one of the bathrooms in my school
that red covered toilet :skull:

did you know that you can have red poop
so that means there might be red diarrhea

Wrong red
Somebody broke their noise or something :skull:

Going boom was a joke exaggeration, I mean pipe burst…

Also during breaks sometimes it’s impossible to go shit or pee cuz…
Fucking vapers

I remember good times when my school had TOILET PAPER!!! But now I have to bring it myself in case of… Yes

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Ain’t no way your school don’t got toilet paper :skull:

It doesn’t, but once, long ago, it did. (Sounds like beginning of some fairy tale thing)
Also I forgot to tell that when we were leaving the school, everyone felt a pleasant aroma of sewers

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Why does all of the exciting stuff happen at your school?

Idk lol. But it doesn’t happen too often

the title made me skip a heartbeat for a second-

Oof. Next time, I’ll make another title.
(Also gonna make new school blog topic of a whole week cuz I didn’t have enough time on dis week to use the forum)