School Poll!

Since it’s been around almost a month of the school year, I was wondering how it’s been going so far for my fellow forumers

How do you feel about your grades? (Not Public)
  • I’m very bad right now and quite stressed
  • Doing okay but not the best as I should
  • I’m feeling Room Temperature
  • Better than average
  • I don’t have a skill issue, just a too good for school issue
  • I’m not in school so my intelligence can’t be judged

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What Grade are you in? (Public)
    • I’m not in school weebs
    • In College/University/Trade School/etc.
    • 12th / Senior
    • 11th / Junior
    • 10th / Sophomore
    • 9th / Freshman
    • 8th or Below

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How are your teachers/instructors/etc. ? (Public)
  • Best set of them ever
  • Most are good but some just have a skill issue
  • 50/50
  • Most of them are pretty bad, take me home
  • All of them should get the Electric Chair
  • Don’t have any

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Hows your school? (Public)
  • Top schooling
  • Mostly good things about it
  • Neutral Feeling
  • It’s a pretty bad school
  • A good school? That’s such a foreign concept
  • Don’t go to a school but don’t be fooled, I know what 1 x 1 is

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Any extracurricular activities/hobbies? (Public)
  • Yeah I’m doing a sport/ multiple sports
  • I’m in a club, but sadly there are no strippers or money being thrown
  • I do Theater and I’ve met Shakespeare
  • I do student-council like events
  • Music and I’ve met Beethoven
  • I make art and Bob Ross is a personal idol of mine. I mean Bob Ross is everyone’s idol but he’s mine exclusively
  • I volunteer and help people in need
  • I do nothing, I just think about my life and existence
  • Other
  • The forums is the only/one of the only thing(s) I need to survive
  • I game better than Discord Moderators

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It’s called we do a little trolling

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I haven’t received any grades yet, therefore none of my grades are less than perfect.

I graduated.

wait why’d I reply to you? Meant to reply to the topic in general. This is the second largest foolery I’ve preformed within the past week on this site. I feel like a clown, a moron, an imbecile.

1st is logging on

first is submitting my survey too early; I wanted so many more questions in that :frcryin:

logging on is fourth

wait fck how do i unvote -

I’m a freshman

one of my friends told me I had 4 long years of hell ahead of me, should I be concerned?

It’s probably the only year I would say one of my teacher is kinda bad, and that’s because he basically bullied us for anything we said. It’s not that bad, but when you can’t ask a question at fucking school where you learn without the teacher repeating what you said while talking like a morron, yeah I’ll pass.

It’s gotten much better now tho

Can you tell Liu to look at her messages? I asked her a question about the advanced writing role but she’s never responded to me.

There are dick drawings are all over the walls, class, and wherever you can look. There is frequent bullying, and you will learn at least 20 new racial slurs just by being there for an hour. Teachers will let girls do anything they want, guys can’t even go to the bathroom at lunch. Boys bathrooms have actual shit piss and barf on the ground. There is a massive amount of betting, and you get offered drugs almost everyday. The only good people on campus are homeroom teachers.


Funny how they call year 11 junior in America

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my teachers are between most are good and best set of them ever

good grade gang because no grades received ez

in my brother’s school someone drew a swastika in the bathroom. most of the school population is jewish


Sure I can, it’s not gonna be any more effective than what you sent but I’ll do it.



are you ok?

shitty grades. making 2 B’s, the rest are A-'s. I need higher, better grades if I’m to make my father and mother proud.