School question and stuff

Can anyone explain me what “Freshman”, “Junior” and stuff like that mean in school? (I have seen it people say it in highschool)

weird american terms that refer to what highschool grade you’re in

freshman = 9th grade
sophomore = 10th grade
junior = 11th grade
senior = 12th grade

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ohhhh, tysm i always had this question! i am mexican and we don’t use terms for stuff like that

you are welcome sir

hence why i said that its a weird american term

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for some reason i thought freshman was just a weird way to spell fisherman in roblox high school
so yeah, i always took this role for a while and spent half of my time fishing

the role was blue ok, and im dumb, and i didnt speak english properly, and shut up dont judge me


finally someone else!

Typical America wanting to be a special independant snowflake.

I’ve always gotten Junior and Sophomore mixed up. On another note, why even have these tents when you already have the grade that you’re in, it just doesn’t make sense.

I know what a freshman is but not the rest

here’s the british terms too (i should really be saying english because scotland has their own weird system but whatever)

9th grade = year 10
10th grade = year 11 (end of secondary school and is the year you sit your gcses)
11th grade = year 12 (start of sixth form/college)
12th grade = year 13 (end of sixth form and is the year you sit your a levels)

you can also continue to university after this