Scotty Gates, the Earth Magic Evil Dude

Soo… As soon as Scotty got his magic, he did what he always wanted to do: Destroy everything. He started going on a “rampage” and broke a window. Minutes later, he got arrested and was thrown in jail. Now, he is determined to overthrow the magic council, and also destroy cities for fun. He now spends 50% of his time in jail, each time plotting eviler and eviler plans, usually the best way to destroy Summerhold. He aims to be feared worldwide and aims to be considered one of the world’s most legendary villains.

In non-story terms, I like to blow up Summerhold and I aim to get demon rep. Though it’s really hard to do both at the same time since I get arrested 99% of the time before I can lose enough rep to account for the rep I gain. Some of you may know or have seen me in-game or in the forums, though I mostly just lurk on the forums lol.

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amog us

A-POG- us

This died before it was even alive