Screw Arcspheres, All My Homies Have Atlantean Helmet Collections

So it turns out that the atlantean helmets have variations, a lot of them.


Why do people care so much about arcspheres when the REAL collection is in the atlantean helmet business? I wanna see a full collection of em!


isn’t that color variation? in that case they’re dyeable like everything else

you still need to collect them all, also still why do people care about arcspheres

they a cool, yeah glow

screw atlantean helmet collections
true dark c explorers collect all atlantean item variations!

These helmets would be so much cooler if they occasionally opened slightly to reveal some glowing eyes inside of em

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I mean they’re stated to be growths, and not shells

vetex: atlantean helmet variations will now turn and match your magic

Mostly because of how hard it is to obtain the variants. You can just keep grinding Dark Sea and dying helmets to complete an Atlantean collection (and most collections), but you HAVE to either grind other slots or trade to complete one of the arcanium collections.

The real question is how do people view arcspheres as drippy, I’ve only seen like two outfits that do something with arcspheres and the rest just suck

True, but youd assume whatever is inside of the shells has mutated too.

I think itd make these hats more interesting overall since rn they kinda just exist

Like genuinely how can you be against your hat occasionally opening to reveal these cool eldritch looking glowing dots that are eyes before the shell shuts again so it doesnt give away too much

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it’s much easier to find someones arcsphere and trade for it than to grind out shellmets

True, but the same applies to trading for Atlantean stuff and then just dying it

there’s a lot less arcspheres than shellmets, and a lot more variations

37 color variations vs 51 arcsphere variations so of course it’d be harder to get arcsphere stuff :fr:

I thought there were more color variants ingame ngl

what, 51? how are there 51 variants? (mods/enchants don’t count that’s just smelly)

Just count every magic + every magic variation

well you gotta count both shellmet types, which totals to 74

They’re two different items though.

Even if we consider that, you just gotta find 37 of two different items to trade for compared to finding 51 individual magic users of every variant you need (lowered by a few if you find mages which doesn’t matter since they usually use the magics you’ll already easily find)

If you count modifiers there are 459 arcsphere variants

counting enchantments as well there are 6885 arcsphere variants