Sea battle theme (originally intended to be a town theme (<-cannot keep a consistent art direction))

I will now colonise the track hashtag
I have 4 more tracks ready to deploy, but instead i will hoard them like the great goblin i am. theyre mine and wont be shared (until tomorrow)
Vetex did not have an appropriate screenshot out for scavenging, so i sketched something in MS paint in 10 minutes instead

a most beautiful artwork. truly, i am the next zdislaw beksinski. hr giger if you must, really comparable to davinci if ill be honest.

prepare for a black metal theme soon (when im home alone so i can properly yell) i have no idea how i will make it fit, but it will


What program do you use? Sounds good

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common :egg: w

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fl studio and kontakt

oh and SWAM strings

OH and also arturia collection

oh and if you are wondering i did not pay money for these it would cost like 3000$ dollars minimum