Sea Serpents

Sea Serpents
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Sea Serpents

Sea Serpents would be Aberrant Tier sea monsters that can spawn across the entire map, though they would be far more common in the Dark Sea. Their bite deals 300-400 damage to ships & players, and they have 1000 health (On default). They are fairly simple, with 2 key attributes that make them more unique, listed below.


When a Sea Serpent spots a ship, it will move in to attack it. While attacking, they will bite at the ship and circle it, but will occasional wrap around the ship. When they do this, the ship becomes immobilised and will continuously take damage, as if in Rough Seas. The Serpent only lets go if it is attacked 3 times with an attack, doesn’t matter what or how much damage. It also lets go if it dies. This would hopefully serve to break up the monotony of just aiming and firing with ship attachments until a Serpent dies.

Magical Serpents

Every Sea Serpent would be polluted by some kind of Magic. This magic pollution would slightly alter their stats and apply the magic’s status effects when the Serpent bites targets. The Modifiers applied would be the modifier of the stat. Magic Damage would affect Damage against Targets, Magic Speed would affect Movement Speed and Size would affect Health. Also, the serpent would have a colour matching the default of the magic.


  • I feel like these would be fun to fight, and the wrapping mechanic would keep it from being a point and click chore.
  • The Magical Variants would help make each Serpent feel a bit more unique
  • They help deal with the overabundance of Sharks by adding some more unique sea enemies.


  • Taking time to colour each one depending on the magic could be very time consuming (Then again it’s been done for Arcspheres, Rams, Cannons, etc. so idk)
  • Wrapping could be both annoying and very buggy
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Water magic sea serpent

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