Searching for LVL 125 100hrs+ WELL MANNERED players for Crestfallen [ name subject to change ] our logo is blank

As some of you may know infamy got reset to 300k fairly recently ( about 4 weeks or so ago ) and to reach top 20 you only need 350k infamy now to reach the leaderboards so i thought this would be the best chance to go for it hence i made a clan thats has no logo so you don’t gotta worry about in on the side of the screen or on your boat or above your character maybe we will get one once they add it letting you to make one where maybe we can recruit an artist that gives us one, i don’t mind hosting pvp tournaments within the clan in the future ( we find a tester or something for elysium ) other than that our goal is currently 300k infamy and we’re at 22k

we’re claiming unclaimed Whispering caverns, Limestone Key and Harvest island, any suggestions welcome and so on. clan name is subject to change, former name was Moonshadow, current name Crestfallen.

Sorry for the requirements and unordered message, I’m willing to make exceptions especially for groups of friends we have alot of space currently and i give players 3rd highest rank upon joining to invite their friends, I’d like a community that helps eachother and isn’t shy to speak their mind and not get into fights about that, whilst also being accepting and able to move forward etc. etc…

WE HAVE AROUND 5 ACTIVE PLAYERS ( 2 mainly carrying the infamy here ) getting 1-2k+ infamy together per day with 50 or even more active players we can get 10-20k+ (25-50k+ with dedicated island capturers) infamy per day/ much more we just need to get the right people, i don’t mind inviting or taking in friend groups/ merging another clan into this one you will have to message me here, it’s just online and just a game so feel free to; i take care of clan upgrades by myself so NO NEED to contribute any galleons at all; want to help people defend eachother and have fun in their game time and give useful tips etc. etc…
tell me anything that concerns you or you feel like may not get you accepted i don’t mind accepting people with good manners and helpful attitude even when not active.


AU, we’re from different regions currently that’s mine though

oh bet im from AUS as well

sydney? i went fishing with someone from nz and victoria yesterday

any further questions feel free to ask i’m ingame currently too in case you’d like to ask there

im a VIC

btw do you have a discord

nope, last time i did i went by “wraithel” though that was back in adventure story era

still interested? we’ll reach 50k soon; i was hoping you’d be able to recruit on the dis front

Is recruitement prohibited here?

ermmm just realised that you’re right, i guess i’m just typing random words