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Seasonal Shop
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I’ve got every seasonal item for sale here including headless Heads and american seasonals.
Current stock:

Let me know what seasonal you’re looking for and what colour (i may not have your requested colour depending on the item) alongside your offer



Also Lightning Arcsphere

My timezone is GMT

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Fair strong attack speed amulet for the strong enchant scroll?


25 Americans for your headless?

I’m good

How many would you want? I can throw in some sunken gear too

For a headless you’d probably have To give a fuck ton of sunkens

Yeah probably… is there any amount of Americans you would take for a headless?

Probably not

hi hi!
Im looking to obtain one of each seasonal but right now im mainly aiming for the wrappings set from halloween. I already have the headwraps!

Would you be interested in a 1:1 swap for the wrappings shirt with a magneta omen seasonal mask or a 1:1 swap with elius drops or amulets?

I can also offer galleons if not - and if you’d prefer a different item, let me know ! ^^

I don’t have many wrappings shirts so it’s a no sorry

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oh thats okay!
You should probably make a list of the seasonals you do own! !

Yeah I’m gonna take screenshots of all my items when I get home and upload them here

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Ale all the items are up

Full Sunken Set (including sword) + Fully enchanted power calvus set level 120 + 6 seasonals for the headless head

no thanks


and you still got the seasonals?

SparkySalmon #0086

Most of the seasonals i still have. I’ve traded a couple of them away though (5 of them i think)