Second magic

i’ve been progressing my alt to transfer items across files with as an earth mage, and i wanna hear what people think i should choose for its second magic

so what second magic would you choose for an earth mage?

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Earth already has a good resistance aura and is a good slow magic, so you should avoid picking another heavy magic for that reason. I would pick the magic based on which one of these you want the most.

If you want a dot/synergy magic to set up whilst you main earth, use magma or acid.

If you want an average speed magic, use sand. (It also blinds and boosts earth damage, so this is a good option)

If you want a magic to help you zone and make up for earth’s low speed, choose lightning, light, or wind. (Or maybe shadow if you want it’s’ arcanum items)

No magic is counterproductive to use with earth, though, so all are a fair choice.