Secret Door in Mount Seawatch?

I heard that there’s a secret door in Mount Seawatch that reveals the location of a level 500+ dark wizard (It opens every hour according to what I was told). Who is able to screenshot or tell me where that secret door opens on the mountain?

Never even heard about it and i’ve been around the map at least 40 times searching for chests everywhere.

I think i saw a secret door in seawatch that had a maze inside of it but i forgot where it was and im not sure if it was even seawatch, so maybe he is in there

There’s a hidden maze on the left side of Seawatch (coming from Bell Village) that has 5 chests in it. There’s also the Secret Tavern. Otherwise, I haven’t heard of such a thing.


Interesting. I only know of a tomb on near the beach where there are 4 chests in it.

Hmm would be cool, but I haven’t heard of such a thing existing. Plus, a level 500 dark wizard would be unbeatable at this point in the game.

People are able to kill King David Silver and the magic counsel captain so I don’t think that it would be unbeatable lol

WHAT?! Really? Is there a video somewhere on youtube?

I killed like 10


i never have even heard bout that.
maybe that person is lying and just tryna spread rumors.