(SEIZURE/FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING) Screenshot to choose your magic

seizure/flashing color warning


p/s: take the screenshot without pausing the gif, or it’ll just return to creation arts

p/ss: A bunch of disappointments - #919 by wmdrayal all of the Arts can be found here



Frist try

Why does it keep stopping on creation arts when I try to screenshot it q.q

take the screenshot without pausing the gif

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i can make more destruction than anyone here with this

i am pretty much of a metamancer in Rpg’s myself

Average steam arts user

Yes I cheated to get these

:st3: you should erase yourself… now! :st3:

happy got this

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Even though it has low damage I’ll take it

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its okay i forgive you

the what

basically just never get tired as long as you still have mana ( its literally fcking everywhere and you can recharge at anytime )

can also drain/gain stamina to others too ig

Don’t need defense if i can’t get hit


hey dont be sad, its one of my favorites! ( my self-insert in my world uses it )

want to know a funny story about mud arts?

back when i was drawing Arts Circles and Sigils i completely forgot to draw mud lol

and then when i do these card, mud was the only one with a tiny mistake ( i forgot to give it the transmutation ability ), fixed it tho