Selling 40 perfect crafted lapiz lazuli for 1.2k each negotiable

most of them have energy regen>3% or atk destruction >%5 substat btw join up fodders user is ThatEndy

what effect did they give again

energy regen regenerates magic energy fast

I’m not talking about substat I mean the regular stat

oh agility and speed

They sell for that much each? I should really make a jewlecrafting store

(they don’t)

blud they sell for 350 to npcs (each)

nobody is paying 1,400 for a singular lapiz lazuli, if it were a candelaria or a morenci that’d be different

price lowered

if they gave 5% energy regen i could see some people buying these. Even for 4% or 4.5% ig
but any lower than that and you could prolly get these for 800 galleons each if not lower

they give 5% or more regen

thats impossible. Only musgravites can give more than 5%

oh wait yea
well all are atleast 3% pretty sure

yup thats the minimum if youre using coppershrooms
so 3%, 3.5%, 4%, 4.5% and 5% are all the percentages you can get with coppershrooms on any non musgravite gem

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