Selling a good amount of items for smoke arrows (Strong/Hard defense amulet dull) SOLD OUT

You can dm me at Yartum#7568
I only accept smoke arrows.


Wizard Hat (Blue, Beige) - 40 per SOLD
Hard Wizard Robes (Purple) - 130 SOLD
Wizard Pants (Yellow) - 50 SOLD

Strong Defense Amulet (Dull) - 150 SOLD
Hard Defense Amulet (Dull) - 150 SOLD

Valkyrie (Grey) - 100 SOLD
Valkyrie (Cobalt) - 95 SOLD

Hood (Grey) - 50 SOLD

Again, you can find me at Yartum#7568 on discord.

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Can I buy the wizard pants. Also what’s your disc

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