Selling alot of items for smoke arrows/crowns or in exchange of a Hard/Strong or Clean Dull Defense Amulet

x2 Destructive Dull defense amulette (lvl 60&50)
Power Dull Amulet lvl 110
Bursting Dull defense amulet Lvl 60
Strong Iron Helmet lvl 60
Strong Iron Boots lvl 60
x2 Iron Helmet (lvl 60&50, both clean)
x2 White warrior’s coat (lvl60&50, clean)
x2 Dull Knockback amulet Lvl60 clean
x2 Hunting armor 'lvl 40&50 pink and yellow bot clean
Dual Nimble beige bracelet lvl 50
Power Dull Amulet lvl 110
Yellow Valk
Dm in discord or answer here.

What do u want for both of those power amulets that are above the power level?

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