Selling Elius Boss Drops For Galleons!

Lord Elius
8 Storm Of Scimitars (Sword) = 2500 galleons
18 Stormcaller (Bow) = 2500 galleons
6 Noble Thunderspear = 2500 galleons
9 Ravanna Noble Armor = 2000 galleons
13 Ravanna Noble Boots = 2000 galleons
6 collored capes = 1000 galleons
13 Shrouds = 750 galleons

Willing to negotiate these prices
mass buy = discount on items
dm me


selling the bow for 3k when it’s worth 120 in game lmaoooo

is this too expensive?


made the items much cheaper

I mean… it’s still pretty expensive for elius drops…

yeah this is still way too expensive

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