Selling Fish for Galleons

2 Exotic Giant Basking Shark and 1 Exotic Great Tiger Shark and 2 Rare Sleeper fish

Is around 1.5k good for an exotic one?

1.3k and 1.1k

Alright I’ll buy them soon after getting back home.

how many mins?

Gimme 10 to 30 minutes

oki i will wait and not sleep early xD

I would love to buy your fish but I don’t have enough money, any chance I can give you anything else?

what you got but i mainly want them galleons

i can give you 900-1k galleons and any boss armor drop (not calvus) for 2 fish

1 boss armor drop?

yes, any that isn’t calvus

my username is tadetadetade2 if you wanna trade

imma just wait for the money if you have it the fish will not rot until like 10 hrs

well I have 1.1k, we can do that trade at least.

sorry im already asleep when you chat that xD so ididnt see

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