Selling many items you might need{Only smoke arrows are accepted)

Dm me on discord Han#8961

Iron helmet(x3)
Lime valkyrie helm
Green valkyrie helm
Yellow valkyrie helm(x2)
Beige valkyrie helm
White valkyrie helm
Red wizard hat
Grey wizard hat
Orange wizard hat
Pink wizard hat
Cobalt wizard hat
Yellow hood
Beige hood
Hard magenta wizard hat
Hard grey wizard hat
Strong green wizard hat

Dull power amulet(x5)
Dull defense amulet(x7)
Poor power amulet(x4)
Poor defense amulet(x2)
Poor strong power amulet
Dull hard power amulet(x2)
Strong alalean necklace
Dull bursting power amulet
Poor hard power amulet
Poor strong defense amulet

Grey wizard robes
Beige wizard robes
Red wizard robes(x3)
Magenta wizard robes
Pink wizard robes
Hard iron armor

Wizard pants
Brown wizard pants
Lime wizard pants
Beige wizard pants
Blue wizard pants
Purple wizard pants
Red wizard pants
Orange wizard pants
Bursting beige wizard pants
Bursting brown wizard pants

Orange bandana
Green bandana
Cobalt bandana
Blue bandana

how much for the hard dull power amulet?

I would like to buy all POWER AMULETT POOR.

How much?

700 smoke arrows for 4 poor power amulet

whats your roblox ign? im buying all

Dm me on discord Han#8961

Do you want more lol?

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