Selling selino/surge scroll for 2.5k galleons each

i only have one of each

You still selling these?

2,499 galleons

if he isnt then ill gladly sell you mine

2.498 galleons

For 2.5k?

When are you free

rn for like the next 5 hours (except when im eating dinner) ill be available
if today doesnt work for you then we can do the trade tomorrow

How bout 2 hours from now?

alr, ill send you another message here in 2 hours

K also it’s surge that I want

ill be on in 30 min

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mb, took longer to finish dinner than expected but im on rn

K that’s fine should i join you or? I’m in bronze sea btw

joining you rn

enjoy the surge scroll

Thanks also how were you lost to the dark sea cuz I were like dead as soon as you joined

i got flung to the insanity 2 range in the dark sea so i had to reset to get back to the bronze sea for the trade

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