Selling Sunken Sword

EDITED: Hi, im offering my sunken sword for 10x powerful scrolls and 5x armored scrolls. If you are interested, just send me a message.

like only all those for some lvl 60 sword?

what do you mean?

you saying we give ALL that stuff or only one option?

bec if its all then you’re NEVER getting it

Well I meant all that stuff for the sword, but I can lower the demands. Do you think that 10x dark sea essentia, 10x legendary fish scale and 10x powerful scrolls is good trade for the sunken sword?

ur overcharging by nearly 6 times according to the galleon

nobody gives an f word about the galleon

but you are overcharging nobody is gonna buy this unless you wanna do the opposite id gladly give my sunken sword for that

whether you agree with it or disagree with it, overcharging by 6 times based on a value list agreed upon by a lot of traders is not a good look

i can say with certainty that a lot of people myself included do

I agree that it is WAY overpriced bruh

it’s not accurate on alot of items and isn’t really updated and can’t really ever be accurate it give’s like a ratio of values of demand and value well enough though

I was like “the person on other end is underpaying” then I realized this isnt selling headless

its worth like 6-7 of either powerful or armoured

nah 8 is still overpay man

its worth less than 7 i just rounded it up to 7, i dont even neeed sunken sword also

Well, i will give you 7 of either powerfull oder armored scrolls, if you want to haggle/negotiate, DM in discord, username is same as mine here

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